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"Some thyroid disorders can be treated with simple nonsurgical interventions"

Prof Saim Yılmaz, MD

A great deal of progress has been made in the management of thyroid disorders in the last decades. The "old" manual examination was replaced by modern ultrasound examination, which is able to demonstrate even the smallest nodules, and the "old" surgical biopsies were replaced by the needle biopsies performed with fine needles under ultrasound guidance. The wide-spread use of diagnostic ultrasound and fine needle biopsies has led to an increased but early diagnosis of thyroid nodules and cancers. Today, because of this increased detection, the optimum management of benign and malignant thyroid nodules has become a real challenge.

In parallel with these developments in diagnosis, several nonsurgical treatments have been introduced in the last 15 years, including ablations and embolizations. Ablations have allowed the the destruction of cystic and solid as well as hot and cold nodules through tiny needles, and embolization has made it possible to treat huge goiters with a simple angiography. This web site has been prepared by Prof Saim Yilmaz, MD, and is aimed at providing objective information on these new treatment options, which have a huge therapeutic potential in many thyroid disorders.

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Inconclusive biopsy: surgery is not the
only option
Which is better in solid thyroid nodules: Laser or radiofrequency ?
Giant goiter, plunging goiter: we can treat them with a simple angiography
Alcohol ablation is the ideal treatment for cystic thyroid nodules
Toxic (hot) thyroid nodules: advantages
of laser ablation
Is there a nonsurgical treatment for
Graves' disease ?


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